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All Epicure's products are made with locally-sourced, organically grown, seasonal ingredients from farms and orchards in BC's Lower Mainland. The citrus products come mainly from orchards in California.

These products are all hand-made, small-batch processed, and do not contain preservatives, dyes or commercial pectin: meaning a lot of time, effort and science go into creating these delectable jams, jellies and marmalades. 

By using the fruit’s natural pectin the jams and jellies require much less sugar and this process brings out the delicate flavours of the individual fruits. I have to credit Jeanne Lesem’s multiple books for teaching me so much about how to preserve foods naturally. Many of my recipes have been built from her thoughtful guidelines.

The relishes, pickles and other preserves are also sourced locally, freshly canned on the day they are picked where possible, and thus retain the maximum amount of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The resulting colour, flavour and crunchiness of these homemade products are a proud testimony to nature’s bounty grown by local farmers in BC’s Lower Mainland.

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